Mother, Child 2000

Mother, Child 2000
Interactive video projection
Digital files, custom software and hardware

MCFV_LAMother, Child (2000) premiered in New Wight Gallery, Los Angeles as part of the F2F exhibition. F2F toured in USA and Canada between 2000-2002 presenting Finnish new media art.

“Mother, Child is an interactive video installation that intends to create a virtual shared experience: the astonishment a mother feels when holding her baby. Thematically the installation can be seen within the continuum of the “Mother and Child” compositions. It also addresses the challenge that the contemporary interactive technology posits on subjective experience and its representation”.

-Tikka 2000, F2F exhibition website

Mother, Child (2000) was programmed with MacroMedia Director and it used an infrared enhanced surveillance camera for interaction input. By 2004 when the installation was exhibited in Fabrica Gallery, UK, it became increasingly difficult to update the technical configuration. The newly reconfigured Mother, Child (2011) displays the original digital video files in a technically reconstructed platform. Minor changes were made for the narrative structure during the technical reconstruction.

Mother, Child (2000) exhibitions:

2005 Nottdance Festival, Nottingham, UK
2004 Heidi Tikka: Mother, Child and the Double, Fabrica Gallery, Brighton, UK
2003 F2F, Citë L’État, Brussels, Belgium
2002 F2F, Parsons School of Design, New York, USA
2002 F2F, Saidye Bronfman Centre for the Arts, Montreal, Canada
2001 F2F, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, Canada
2001 F2F, Embassy of Finland, Washington DC, USA
2000 F2F, New Wight Gallery, Los Angeles, USA


Concept, production, video work, Heidi Tikka
Software development 2000, Juhana Kallio
Technical design 2000, Seppo Väkevä
Exhibition architecture design 2000, Ilkka Suppanen, F2F

Financial assistance

Arts council of FinlandProduced in collaboration with UIAH Media Lab

Curators: Julia Kauste and Marko Tandefelt

Exhibition architecture: Ilkka Suppanen