At Hand in Sala del Portale, Venice and Art Fair Suomi’15

The moving image segments of At Hand have been arranged as continuous loops and into assemblages in which the digital technical infrastructure visibly supports the image.

At Hand is an ongoing project in which I have filmed performances by anonymous participants. The work explores how the person’s affective being in a place becomes materialized through the micro gestures of hands.

The miniature installation consisting of four parts has been exhibited at:

Differences on Identity

Sala del Portale, San Lorenzo, Venice 1.-31.7.2015

Concurrent with the 56th Venice Biennale, Differences on Identity is one of a series of two multi-disciplinary exhibitions of international artists curated by E. Rentetzi (Phd, University of Verona) at the Sala del Portale, San Lorenzo, Venice, Italy

Featured artists in May exhibition include: Britt Salt (Australia), Emma Roche (Ireland), Joan Backes (USA), Saevar Karl Olason (Iceland) among others and the July 1- July 30 exhibition artists include: Michel Varisco (USA), Lynda Benglis (USA), Heidi Tikka (Finland), Anne-Marie Cosgrove (Canada), Megan Evans (Australia), and more.

The artist thanks FRAME for support.

Art Fair Suomi’15: International contemporary art event is Helsinki

18.-20.9.2015, Merikaapelihalli, Puristamo, Valssaamo and MUU Cable, Cable Factory