At Hand, Sculptor, Eteläranta 2014

At Hand, Sculptor, Eteläranta 2014
Interactive projection, multiple
HD digital files, custom software, Kinect cameras

In the context of the solo exhibition “Kosketusetäisyys – Within Reach” at the Gallery Sculptor, At Hand was projected onto the seven windows of the gallery, facing Eteläranta, in the city center of Helsinki. The projections were visible during the dark hours of the day between 31.12.2013 – 19.1.2014.

The exhibition “Kosketusetäisyys” pursued a series of transformations for turning spaces inside out. Turning the gallery windows into the main venue of the exhibition was part of this approach. The agency of the audience within the gallery space affected the appearance of the projected images.

The installation consisted of seven vertical projection screens placed into the windows of the gallery. The projected material consisted of intimate video portraits of anonymous hands performing.  The moving-image hand portraits cut into the urban flow of images, and were also visible from the trams constantly driving by. In the gallery, each video projection responded subtly to the presence of the audience. Whenever someone was standing in front of the screen or moving by, the projection was affected by small real-time cinematic changes: zooms and pans which made the image appear as if it was coming slightly closer.

The video database of hand portraits consists of 35 performances filmed in Helsinki and Paris in 2012.  See also At Hand, Europe.


Concept, production, video work, Heidi Tikka

Software development, Juho Jouhtimäki

Projection design, Pro Av Art/ Jorma Saarikko, Heidi Tikka, Timo Humaloja

Setup, Heidi Tikka, Pia Parjanen-Aaltonen, Juho Jouhtimäki


Financial support

Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Production Finland, AVEK

Arts Promotion Centre Finland


In collaboration with

Crucible Studio, Department of Media, Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture