Body-Sensor Co-performances: Working with Interactive Technologies for New Media Art”, Keynote Lecture
Monitoring the Self: Negotiating for Technologies of Health, Identity, and Governance; Nordic Network Gender, Body, Health; Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies
Over the last few decades, I have produced installations and artifacts, which act responsively towards their audience. In my presentation, I will outline in detail, how these human-machine encounters are conceived by implementing a number of relatively simple, low-tech interactive technologies. My focus will be on the experimental work on sensors monitoring different embodied actions and bodily processes. What happens in these events, in which bodies are expected to make contact with sensors? What kinds of transformations take place? I will suggest that each of these technical configurations will frame the body in its particular ways. That is, the bodies enacted by and within these arrangements must be understood relationally, as performances in which embodied dynamic materialities and the mechanisms of measuring interact. The installations, however, play in other registers too. How to think of this complexity, and how to make imaginative alignments, in which the body-sensor co-performances resonate productively with the visual and the psychical dimensions of the work?”


Syntymiä/Births collaborations – agency in the networks of production
“Shades of Agency” seminar, m-cult, Helsinki

Syntymiä – Births (2003) was a collaborative project between Radiolinja, now part of Elisa, the Helsinki University Women’s Hospital, and Kiasma Art Museum. In my ongoing research I propose that any work, installation or an experimental project materializes gradually in what I call the networks of production. My job as the creative producer-artist in such a collaboration is to align these networks productively.