“Tactile-sonic enactments – on affecting and being affected by air”
RE:SOUND19, Media Art Histories, Aalborg University, Denmark
How to think of, and to orchestrate material events for mixed sensory experience, the entanglements of tactile, aural and visual? I will approach this question as an artist-researcher, in conversation with science studies, Karen Barad’s philosophy and my installation “Untitled (2014)”. Here the focus is on the entanglements of the tactile and the aural, and on conceiving of an interactive installation as a materializing event, a multiplicity of agential cuts (Barad, 2007). Attention is drawn to the ways in which interactions of different human and nonhuman elements produce movement across trajectories of material transformations. Of particular interest are those movements, which involve the agency of air.

”Rethinking the reality of gaps – Questioning disciplinary boundaries”
SAR10 Conference on Artistic Research, Zürich
In my presentation I challenged the idea of a gap as something that exists between predefined, bounded entities. I questioned how disciplinary boundaries are performed in collaborations. Drawing on recent science studies I argued that gaps are enacted in practices. These gaps result in reversals in which the practices, collaborations depend on, are backgrounded, while the roles of individuals are foregrounded, often in ways that misrepresent the creative process.