Real-time Stereoscopic Viewers 2013/2007

Real-time Stereoscopic Viewers 2013/2007
Interactive installation
Two stereoscopic cameras and viewers

WBopeningVertCb_2351The installation consisting of two stereoscopic cameras and viewers premiered in the Forum Box Gallery in 2007, in a joint exhibition of three solo installations (Haaslahti, Tammenpää, Tikka). In 2013 it was reconstructed as the Configurations for Surveillance Cameras for the Kuala Lumpur 7th Triennial.

The installation enables the visitor to see a three-dimensional moving image of herself. The devices are built using the components from inexpensive consumer electronics: baby monitors. The cameras hang from the ceiling with industrial spring balancers, which enable the visitor to peer into the device while moving around within the perimeter of the camera.



Concept, Heidi Tikka
Design, construction of the cameras, installation layout, Seppo Väkevä


Financial support

Arts Council of Finland (2007)

FRAME (2013)