Untitled Prototypes 1-3 2014

Untitled Prototypes 1-3 2014
Dresses reacting to touch
Knitted dresses on mannequin displays, electronic parts, custom software, digital files

Design Forum 17.9. – 1.10.2014

Gallery Sculptor 2.1.-19.1.2014

The three untitled prototypes were produced for the “Kosketusetäisyys – Within Reach” solo exhibition at Gallery Sculptor, Helsinki between 2.1.-19.1.2014. The three dresses respond to touch. The visitors were encouraged to touch, or make a bodily contact with the dresses.

The soft, padded shapes of the knitted forms are suggestive of the maternal body. Each dress has a different behavior. They respond to touch with quiet sounds, movements or other small changes. The thick soft wool will undergo a gradual process of felting under the hands of the visitors.

The electronic parts make use of Lilypad e-textile components and Arduino programming. The dresses are based on capacitive sensing.

Untitled Prototypes exhibitions:

2014 “Brush, Push, Prod”, Pori Art Museum Project Room, Pori,  Finland
2014  Media Lab 20th anniversary exhibition, Design Forum, Helsinki, Finland
2014 “Kosketusetäisyys”, Gallery Sculptor, Helsinki, Finland


Concept, production, textile and sound work, Heidi Tikka
Electronics and programming, Seppo Väkevä
Installation layout, Timo Humaloja, Seppo Vkevä
Lights, Pia Parjanen-Aaltonen

Financial support

Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture Finland, AVEK
Arts Promotion Centre Finland