Harun Farocki ja maailman kuvat

The article “Harun Farocki ja maailman kuvat” (Harun Farocki and the Images of the World), published in the AVEK journal of audiovisual culture, discusses Farockis work, focusing particularly on Kaja Silverman’s reading of Farocki’s film Bilder der Welt und Inschrift des Krieges. The article draws a connection between the themes of the latest Venice Biennial and the legacy of Farocki’s work in investigating how the sociotechnical constructions of power and violence structure our perception. Following Silverman, the article asks, how we could learn to look differently, situating the urgency of the question within the geopolitical landscape of the contemporary Europe.

Tikka, Heidi 2015. Harun Farocki ja maailman kuvat. AVEK, 2/2015.