Recording Dress 2013

Recording Dress 2013
A dress embedded with miniature recording device

DressFieldVCb_3154The recording dress is used in the production of embodied audiovisual recordings. It premiered as part of the Configurations for Surveillance Cameras for the Kuala Lumpur 7th Triennial in 2013.

A small surveillance video camera, a recording device and the batteries are embedded in the design of the dress. It is used in conjunction with binaural microphones for recording embodied experience of movement through space. Since the camera is part of the dress, its point of view is less human than what we are used to. Its myopic vision records rather blindly the movements of the body carrying it.



Concept, production, dress, av-production, Heidi Tikka
Electronics, Seppo Väkevä


Financial support

Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture Finland, AVEK